Representing Contractors in FEMA Disputes

In the disorder that follows a major natural disaster, FEMA, state agencies and local authorities are eager to begin recovery efforts. Bids are hastily prepared, contracts are quickly awarded, and contractors are pushed to complete the work as soon as possible. Quick action, helpful as it may be, could result in bigger problems in the future. Contract disputes can easily arise between various parties involved in the disaster recovery effort. Contractors, governmental agencies and private entities alike can benefit from experienced and comprehensive legal representation in the event of a dispute.

Baker Donelson’s Disaster Recovery Team has the skill necessary to represent contractors, state governments, local governments and non-profit agencies in FEMA contract disputes. We have in-depth knowledge of the various FEMA disaster recovery programs, their procedures and the expectations of FEMA personnel regarding contract performance issues.

A FEMA Contract Dispute is Different

Contractors and governmental authorities are very familiar with standard contract dispute resolution methods. However, the resolution of a dispute over a FEMA-authorized contract is quite different, and is complicated by arcane FEMA rules and agency-specific jargon.

The essence of the dispute could hinge on something as simple as the interpretation of a debris removal clause for a mobile home park, subdivision or retail establishment. There may be a fundamental disagreement over the cost of a particular product or procedure. There could be differing opinions about compensation for handling unforeseen consequences of a natural disaster as it affects a preexisting project. Whatever the nature of the dispute, we understand how to resolve it.

The attorneys of the Baker Donelson Disaster Recovery Team will represent you with skill and dedication—protecting your rights and interests at every stage of the dispute resolution process.