Floodplain Management Issues

Assisting Local Governments and Developers

In areas which have historically been affected by flooding, municipalities must implement zoning and land use regulations which are consistent with FEMA’s floodplain management rules. If a municipality fails to do so, it may not be eligible for federal disaster assistance if a flood does occur.
The Baker Donelson Disaster Recovery Team helps municipal governments, developers and landowners comply with the floodplain management regulations set forth by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We also assist clients with floodplain management or floodplain mapping disputes.

Overcoming the Challenges Facing Governments and Landowners

FEMA has issued general guidelines regarding floodplain management, but they are spread out through many different manuals and documents. In addition, in response to specific inquiries by municipalities, they may have issued one or more advisory letters, which often contain ambiguities or even outright contradictions to stated policies, and these may be buried in FEMA’s archives and difficult to find.

Our Disaster Recovery Team understands FEMA rules regarding floodplain management issues and how the agency interprets them. We can provide guidance to your organization regarding compliance. Our firm can also seek to obtain clarification by FEMA of the applicability of its rules to your specific circumstances.