Assisting Utilities When Dealing with FEMA

Utility managers understand the critical importance of restoring essential services after a disaster. FEMA also places a high priority on the restoration of functioning electric power, water service, gas lines and sewer lines.

Many utilities have learned the hard way that dealing with FEMA can be exceedingly difficult. They often need help to ensure their compliance with FEMA grant regulations and other vital issues. Much of our Firm’s work with utilities involves helping them maximize their chances of obtaining FEMA disaster grants. We can advise your business regarding particular grant issues or provide generalized or specific training on FEMA grant programs or other topics of interests to utility managers.

Why is this important?

The answer is simple—like any government agency, FEMA has its own way of doing things. They have their own jargon and internal operating dynamic. They demand specific documentation regarding certain matters before they will approve a grant or provide payment. Without complying with these and other requirements, your grant application may be denied or face a delay in receiving approval for payment.

Baker Donelson’s Disaster Recovery Team can provide the legal and regulatory advice and services you need to establish a good working relationship with FEMA to prevent problems in communication and ensure timely payment.